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Signs of Depression in Men

If you are a man struggling with depression, we are here to help. Here are some of the symptoms to look for: 
  • Problems with relationships (family, friends, coworkers, spouses). More sick days from work. 
  • Decreased productivity. 
  • Job-related injuries. 
  • Poorer-quality work. 
  • Lost jobs. 
  • Failure to advance in school or career. 
  • Health problems resulting from depression 
  • Suicide attempts that result in injury or disability. 
  • Accidents due to depression-caused difficulty in concentrating. 
  • Illnesses worsened or triggered by the stress of depression. 
  • Illnesses caused by drug or alcohol abuse. 

Men & Depression Basics 

Did you know that your depression can go undiagnosed for years?

  • Depression can be subtle in many adult men and adolescent boys, and that is one reason why it can go unnoticed or undiagnosed for months or years. 
  • Depression is an illness that can affect thoughts, mood, and physical health. It is often characterized by overwhelming feelings of emptiness, hollowness, loss of motivation, confusion, loss, and worthlessness. With depression, these feelings are severe enough that they interfere with men's work and relationships. 
  • Depression in men can be a long-term condition involving several symptoms that can negatively affect a man's work, relationships, and the quality of life of men that suffer from it. About 17% of the U.S. population experiences depression at some time in their lives. 
  • Depression is more common in women but more readily recognized than when men are depressed; therefore, few men get help or treatment before it becomes severe.  
  • Depression can happen to anyone, regardless of race, income, or education. 
  • Chronic depression is classified as a medical condition. In the past, ignorance and fear contributed to a social stigma regarding mental health. It is becoming more widely known that male depression in common in boys and men, even seemingly successful men can struggle with some levels of depression. 
  • Many men misunderstand depression and consider it to be sign of weakness or being inadequate. It is not a sign of weakness or lack of character. A man cannot just snap out of being depressed.
  • Men often believe that depression is just feeling blue. These misinformed attitudes can harm depressed men by causing them to avoid seeking treatment. Without treatment, depression can last for months, or even years. 
  • Depression is a condition in men that causes more disability than diabetes, coronary artery disease, or arthritis. The World Health Organization estimates that depression will be the second-leading cause of disability by the year 2020. 

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Help for Men with Bipolar Disorder in Atlanta

Atlanta Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Associates also treats men with Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar Disorder: Depression and Mania are also known as manic-depressive disorder. Here are some facts about Biploar Disorder

1. Men of any age can manifest symptoms of this serious disorder. 

2. Bipolar is a brain disorder that causes extreme mood shifts. 

3. Bipolar can cause unusual highs and lows in energy levels and activity. 

4. Bipolar manic episodes can lead to unusual thinking patterns, hyper-sexual activity, impulsive spending, extreme aggression, and unusual mood disturbances. 

If you or a loved one is suspected of suffering from Bipolar Disorder, please see a psychiatrist for a medical assessment and possible medical treatment. 

Remember, there is hope and counseling along with medication management has helped many men to continue on to lead and live successful lives!


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