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We care about men with mental health concerns and ongoing therapeutic needs. 

Mental health is achieved through brain, mind, behavioral health. 

Brain Health - eat for your brain. Train your brain through exercise and meditation. Treat your brain as a vital organ of your body. Brain science is adding new information to addiction recovery and mental wellness. 

Mind Health - think positive, inspirational, uplifting thoughts for your mind. Your mind guides your life. Stay centered with your thoughts. Be mindful of this moment and observe as it passes. 

Behavioral Health - think before you act. Learn and practice new behaviors to strengthen your mental and emotional wellness. 

P.I.E.S. for Recovery Wellness
We place emphasis on a wholesome approach to mental wellness and substance abuse recovery, using P.I.E.S. to sustain a healthy wellness lifestyle. 

Physical - taking better care of your body is an essential part of improving your chances for a stronger recovery. Eating right, drinking plenty of water, and keeping active will enhance your overall mental health. Brain health is very essential to overcoming addictions and nurturing mental wellness. 
Intellectual - stimulating your mind, being curious, asking questions, exploring your interests, reading, journaling, and discovering new things can strengthen your mind and mental plasticity. How you use your thoughts and train your mind can strengthen your mental wellness and improve your overall outlook on life. 

Emotional - becoming more self-aware is achieved by getting in touch with your inner feelings, emotions, and moods. Release past hurts through self-forgiveness and forgiving others. Heal your emotions and learn to trust them again. Find a renewed experience through honoring your feelings and deep emotions.

Spirituality - understanding yourself in view of the "Big Picture" of life and the universe. Awaken to your deeper sense of who you are in connection with life all around you through meditation, prayer, and self-exploration. Nurture inner peace and tranquility. Choose to respond with compassion. Think and respond, not react. Suspend judgments. Let go of harsh or unrealistic expectations. Look for the middle path of balance and homeostasis. Life is balance.

** Your spiritual walk is your own; we do not suggest or recommend one form over another. We work within your religious or spiritual practices in order to enhance your overall general emotional and mental wellness.  

          ~ Dr. Daniel P. David, PhD, LMSW

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
~ Lao Tse

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We offer the most advanced psychiatric medicine treatments and evidenced-base individual therapy and group psychotherapy in Atlanta. We are here to help you achieve your best psychiatric, mental health and addiction recovery possible. 

We are conveniently located on the Peachford Hospital campus with plenty of free parking.  

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